Sales of vinyl have risen sharply over the past year.  They are as high as they were during the 90s when band like Blur and Oasis were at their peak in the charts dominating the airwaves on radio.  Collectors are returning to, or continuing to collect vinyl and a new, younger generation are now also buying vinyl in large numbers.  A vast and much wider audience of people are now purchasing vinyl as it has become a fashionable pastime.  The highly committed band of vinyl collectors still exist, but with many new purchases being made, it is now a great time to buy vinyl.

As the current market for vinyl is now blossoming, records can be bought in a multitude of different establishments such as the high street record store, online and even supermarkets!  Records can be purchased with a download card so that you can continue downloading digital music as well, if you so wish to do so.  Many old titles from the past are being reissued as 180 gram heavyweight vinyl collector’s editions as well as an influx of new releases being made available on vinyl for the very first time.  This just goes to show that there is room in the market for all formats of music including vinyl, CDs and downloads.  Even cassettes have seen a mini revival!

There are currently a raft of collectables both instore and online including many limited editions, coloured vinyl pressings, picture discs and deluxe box sets.  Some of the editions are numbered making them become instantly collectable.  This has an effect of increasing their future value as collectables.  A handful are also made available specifically at certain online stores.  These collectables are often sold at premium prices and it can be advantageous to buy these online.  The online record shops have very competitive prices enabling the buyer to shop for the best deal, sometimes grabbing a bargain in the process.  They also cater for a worldwide audience giving a wide variety of options.

The emergence of Record Store Day has helped many vinyl outlets thrive.  This day is supported by leading artists to help support independent record stores.  On the day, a whole host of collectable titles and limited editions are released.  Some in very small numbers, making them instantly become collector’s items.  Audiophiles and collectors of certain bands or artists will pay top money to get their hands on some collectables.  Record Store Day has clearly been a boost for independent record shops and the industry as a whole.

With vinyl, CDs and downloads selling well at the moment, a lot of the older popular titles have been re-charting such as ‘Rumours’ by Fleetwood Mac, 'Definitely Maybe' by Oasis and ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’ by Pink Floyd.  This demonstrates a resurgence of past titles being purchased alongside the new releases.  A Lot of people do still stream music online, but many love to have the physical product as well. 

Buying rare records online can be fun for collectors.  They are properly graded by online vinyl shop professionals and in great condition.  You can find more niche records online from a variety of different genres, both popular and obscure.  RockSoul and Reggae records being very popular music fields with the record collecting fraternity.  Hidden rarities can be sourced online due to the sheer wealth of records being listed on the internet.  Sales of all genres remain strong online, but easy listening and classical records not so much in your local or physical record shops.  This just adds to the joy of shopping online as well as going out to shop for vinyl.

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