The History Of Punk Rock - Essential Punk Vinyl Albums

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Punk rock developed in the USA in the late sixties and was a rebellious guitar based rock.  It spread to UK in the early 70's and by the mid seventies it hit pop and mainstream rock hard.  Punk was not just a musical change, it was a culture shock.  It hit the mainstream when Malcolm McClaren invented The Sex Pistols who took the established pop industry by storm, particularly with their song 'God Save the Queen' which was banned.

Punk rock consisted of hard playing guitars and rebellious lyrics which were anti-establishment.  Fashion also followed the trend, developing a culture of its own.  The Clash became big with the thought provoking lyrics of Joe Strummer and used reggae sounds from Brixton mixed with rock while The Damned had great stage presence and showmanship.  The records by these bands are always sort after, especially the early vinyl singles.

Meanwhile in the States, The Ramones and Patti Smith were the main pioneers of Punk.  There is still a strong presence of punk in the USA with top bands such as Green Day and Blink 182 still making challenging rebellious songs.  In the UK the ground breaking movement of 70's punk has influenced modern alternative rock and indie bands.  Vinyl albums by early punk bands are rare and very collectable.

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