The History Of Compilation Albums - A Definition & Closer Look

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Compilations became popular in the 60's after the boom in singles.  People wanted to hear all their favourites that were hits and broadcast on the television or radio.  K-Tel and Hallmark were pioneers of compilations. A series of LP's were launched which made all of the Top of The Pops successes available on one record.  The songs on a number of these albums were covers and although they sounded convincing, they were not the actual artists.

Compilations soon developed and the actual artists were available as part of compilation LP's.  A good example of this is The Motown Chartbusters Series which stared in 1967.  These LP's in good condition are very collectable and some of them contain rare tracks from obscure artists.  These type of records have developed into today's greatest hits format on CD.

Downloads have taken over from this type of record as people can pick and choose a song a put together their own compilation.  Major artists now release compilation sets of their greatest hits on vinyl and they are packaged as a boxed set and are released in limited numbers which make them extremely collectable.  Now That's What I Call Music is a modern compilation and since the 80's has produced a collection of the years hits.  Planet Earth Records has a wide selection of compilation albums on vinyl and on CD.

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