The Evolution Of Metal - A Brief History Of Heavy Metal Records

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Heavy metal is basically rock music.  It developed in the 60s and 70's from blues rock bands and the psychedelic rock bands.  It is loud and heavy guitar based music and was prominent in the USA and the UK, but is popular in Germany and many Eastern European countries.  Major bands appeared in the 70's which continue to be massive today such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple.  These bands attract large live audiences and produce mainly albums.  The earlier albums are very rare and highly collectable.

Later in the 70's, Judas Priest became very heavy musically, then followed by Motorhead.  In the UK Iron Maiden were major exponents and in recent times Metallica, Anthrax and Linkin Park fly the flag for heavy metal music.  Metallica have taken heavy metal into the mainstream arena.


In the 2000's heavy metal became a major music genre in Scandinavia.  In 2006 a band called Lordi from Finland won the Eurovision Song Contest in Greece with a song called Hard Rock Hallelujah.

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