The resurgence and revival of vinyl records has been in full swing since the late 2000s.  The trend for buying and collecting vinyl records is steadily rising, with the market for downloading music slowly falling.  You will hear many people stating that vinyl is making a comeback.  The truth is that vinyl has never really gone away and sales have been gradually on the increase over the past 10 years.  The current market for vinyl is looking very healthy indeed and it seems as though there is room for people to enjoy a variety of different formats of music.

Vinyl is now appealing to younger audience as well as the older seasoned collectors of this format.  The nostalgia of vinyl is also a key component of its revival.  Many albums from the past and the halcyon days of music have been re-released on vinyl such as ‘Hotel California’ by The Eagles, ‘The Wall’ by Pink Floyd and Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’.  Some of these have been released as limited edition collectables in coloured vinyl or as a picture disc.

The act of searching for those hard to find records in very addictive.  Some collectors search high and low for those elusive prized records and can reap the rewards when they come across something valuable.  Thus the term crate digging can be applied.  You get a great rush when tracking down a rare record, whether it be from a charity shop, car boot sale or an online record store.  Sometimes you can find records in the most improbable and unlikeliest of places as well.  By visiting all of these multiple locations you can give yourself the best chance of finding a haul of hidden rarities.

Crate digging has traditionally been done at record shops, flea markets, garage and yard sales.  Records can also be found at antiques fairs, jumble sales and car boot sales.  However, the emergence of the internet and online record stores now means that you can search through hundreds of records at the click of a button.  A bounty of rare records that cannot be sourced physically can now be located online.  The sheer volume of collectable records listed on the internet is immense.  The time and perseverance taken when sifting through large numbers of records can ultimately pay off if you have the time and relevant knowledge to do so.

In order to find these hidden gems you need to be able to see past the endless numbers of pop chart records and easily listening records which are very commonly found in local charity shops in large numbers.  With record collecting experience, your eye can be trained and focused to home in and search out the more elusive and obscure titles.

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