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Rock - Vinyl Records For Sale

Rock music is extremely diverse covering a wide range of genre.  It probably originated in the USA and developed from the blues and country music and in the 1950's, Rock and Roll.  It is generally guitar based and in 4/4 time and usually consists of verse chorus or verse verse chorus.  It became popular in the UK in the 50's with Bill Hailey and his Comets, Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley.  Some of the early vinyl pressings are now hard to find and very collectable.  The UK developed its own versions of rock and roll with Lonnie Donegan pioneering skiffle and Cliff Richard, a UK version of Elvis.

A revolution took place in the mid sixties with the arrival of The Beatles with their very commercial beat, followed by other groups from Liverpool centred around the Cavern In London.  The Kinks and The Rolling Stones were producing a slightly edgier sound.  The single was king and bands strived to reach number one.  These early singles are extremely collectable and copies of Beatles records in good cognition are hard to find.  They were so popular that they were played and played again.

This revolution gave birth to a new generation and by the 70's there were bands producing heavy rock sounds and the term progressive rock came into being.  The LP became popular and bands started making whole albums and were not restricted to length of song or number of instruments.  Bands such as Yes, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple and Jethro Tull pushed the boundaries.  Bands like Status Quo stuck to roll and roll and continue to this day.  This was followed by Glam Rock, Heavy Metal, a rebellious Punk Rock, New Wave, Alternative, Garage and Indie.

All these versions of the rock music genre had their pioneers.  David Bowie in Glam Rock is now very collectable.  Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple are on the heavier side of rock and very sort after on the vinyl LP format.  The Sex Pistols and The Clash were the major punk exponents with early items extremely hard to find as they were produced in small quantities.

CD formats then started to take over, but a recent revival has seen newer bands producing limited edition vinyl, especially for an increasing audience of enthusiasts.  Planet Earth Records specialise in stocking the hard to find vinyl singles and LP's from the earlier days up to the present day.