Collecting Vinyl Records
For the most part, the overall experience of buying your vinyl records at your favourite record store is a very enjoyable one.  The best part is that you are able to browse through the vinyl in person and chat to the friendly record store staff.  However, there are as many advantages of buying vinyl online and can be superior to that of trip to a physical record store.  There are many great benefits of buying vinyl records from an online record store.

The ease of online shopping has never been so prominent.  Many large online stores are being used far more than some of the major high street stores that we have been used to visiting in the past.  With the resurgence and revival of vinyl records, buyers are purchasing records both online and instore.  This can only be a positive for the record collecting market as a whole.

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No longer do you need to travel out onto the crowded street to visit the local record store.  This can now be done at home from the comfort of your armchair with a cup of tea or coffee.  Sometimes the weather or other circumstances can make if difficult for you to get out to the shops.  It is fun to dig through crates and sift through the shelves at the record store, but online you can buy records at the click of a button.  It is very easy to browse through records online to find your favourite LP or a rare 7” single you have been unable to find for many years.

Shopping For Vinyl Records

Another positive advantage that springs to mind is the sheer amount of stock an online record store can carry.  The bricks-and-mortar record store will only have a limited amount of shelf space which will be defined by the size of it’s premises.  This is clearly not an issue for the online mail order record store which has the capacity to stock very large numbers of vinyl.  The online record store has a wider number and broad selection of vinyl albums, 12” and 7” singles.  The majority of these records will be instantly available and in stock.  Some of these titles will be very hard to find at the local record store, but with online shopping you have a much better chance of tracking them down.  This is down to the sheer volume of vinyl listed online.

You will find that many of the physical record stores will stock the biggest bands or most popular records at the current time.  Online record stores have a full selection of titles encompassing many different artists, groups and music genres.  You are not just limited by the choice of the current music and trends of the day.  For example, you may be looking for rare prog rock or collectable folk records.  You are much more likely to find these online.

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A great advantage of buying your vinyl records online is the price.  You can often find collectable records in perfect condition for much cheaper prices.  Buying online has never been easier.  It is a great way to build your collection without having to pay top money for every record that you purchase.  The main reason for this is that the physical record store has much higher running costs such as utilities, staff, rent and veritable time taken to sort through it's stock. The costs usually end up being passed on to the consumer by way of marking up records with inflated or higher prices.

When you go to local record shop, most second hand records are purchased as seen.  They can be scratched and have poor playback when you return home to play them.  Record stores sometimes have a turntable, but it can be frustrating to ask the staff to play the record only to find that it crackles during the listening.

If you are shopping for records online the overall experience can be a safer one and allow you to buy records with confidence.  Most online record stores are very trustworthy and use a grading system to grade the condition of the vinyl.  This enables you quickly check the grade at a glance to know that the record you are purchasing has been professionally and accurately graded.  Most sites will show a picture of the record so that you can see the artwork.  It is usually accompanied by a description of the album and information on the artist or group.  It often has the track listing, so that you can see what songs are on the album.  Importantly, the condition grading and catalogue or issue number are contained.  This is important to serious collectors searching specific vinyl pressings or for missing items for their collection.

Buying online is a super method for searching for those rare records that cannot be found at the high street record shop.  Most online record stores have a whole host of rare records at competitive prices.  These are often cheaper than large super deluxe box sets that can be found at the physical record store.  Online record stores are great for finding original issues, limited editions, picture discs, signed record covers and coloured vinyl records.  A lot of popular bands issue short run vinyl albums or singles specifically to chosen online or small independent record stores.  Sometimes these records are limited to only 1000 copies or less and will never be stocked by the major record stores.

More Ways To Shop For Vinyl Online

It’s become very popular for people to buy vinyl online.  Vinyl is currently back in vogue and a preferred choice when listening to music.  The sound quality is far superior to that of a digital download with compressed sound or CD with restricted capability.  You can hear the depth of every single instrument on a vinyl record.  There is a currently a renewed interest in records and the market for vinyl has once again rose to prominence.  With this taken into consideration, it’s a great time to shop for vinyl online.  Records can be purchased easily by mail order.

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Record stores are great, but shopping for vinyl online is simple and very easy to do.  An online record store has a very large selection of vinyl and the condition of records are professionally graded.  It is important that you receive a correctly graded record so that it looks and sounds good.  Vinyl purchased from a physical record shop can sometimes be scratched and sound poor when you get it home to play.  In a local record store, the lack of light can hamper you when checking used vinyl for scratches and record sleeves for defects.

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It’s much quicker to browse an online store for vinyl.  Particularly if you are searching for a specific artist.  It can take time to track down certain titles at the high street record store.  You may find it difficult to find the rarer records and some of the more popular vinyl titles may be out of stock.  This is because physical vinyl shops are restricted in the amount of space they have.  This is not a problem online as there is an unlimited amount of space, which means there is a far wider selection of vinyl for sale.

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The price of records for sale online can vary dramatically to a great degree.  This is an advantage to buyers as you can get hold of records at very competitive prices.  You can get some great records online that have been properly graded and expertly checked.  The covers and vinyl will be in nice condition if you check the grading or condition guide prior to purchase.

The ease at which you can buy records online these days make obtaining vinyl via mail order a very attractive proposition.  You do not need to venture out to the store, when you can purchase vinyl at home on your ipad, tablet or computer.  Many people find sitting in front of the television with a cup of tea whilst quietly browsing the record store on an ipad quite enjoyable and calming.  Carriage is generally reasonably priced and delivery quick and in good, strong packaging.  Online stores are geared to providing a quality service and accept all major credit cards.

Build or expand your record collection with the aid of the internet.  Shop for vinyl online today and enjoy the thrill of record collecting!

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