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Rap - Hip Hop

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Rap and Hip Hop - Vinyl Records For Sale

Hip hop is thought to have started around 1970 in the Bronx area of New York.  It is a mixture of spoken words, often very quickly and of percussion based music.  This music was often developed by DJ's who took existing vinyl records and achieved a different sound by scratching them on the turntable.  Various mixes were developed with Rap artists putting their urban lyrics to them to create a completely different sound.

Artists that pioneered this music form were Grandmaster Flash and Kutis Blow.  The Sugarhill Gang had the first major crossover hit with 'Rapper's Delight' in 1979, but surprisingly it may have been a rock band that had the first monster hit both sides of the Atlantic.  Debbie Harry and Chris Stein were listening to rappers perform in a club and went away and wrote a song called 'Rapture'.  This song went on to be a huge hit for Blondie and featured Debbie Harry singing and then going into a lengthy rap about a man from Mars chewing up cars.  From this, various forms of rap developed with major number ones being achieved by Eminem.

Other artists like LL Kool J, The Beastie Boys and Run DMC have all had major success.  A lot of DJ's have produced 12 inch vinyl records for their own use in small quantities or demos which can be extremely scarce and highly sort after.  This genre of music is frequently released on 12 inch extended play vinyl and Planet Earth Records have a category devoted to this type of recording.