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Pop - Vinyl Record For Sale

Pop music is a term derived from the early term popular music.  It started in it's modern form in the 1950's and came to the fore in the UK in the early sixties.  Pop music covers a very wide range of styles and genres.  Planet Earth Records specialise in supplying hard to find vinyl and CD's covering a wide range of genres.

Pop music usually follows a verse chorus style or a verse verse chorus format and sometimes has a musical break in the middle or the last third.  Pop music is generally aimed at the young and is commercially driven.  However, pop music produced in the early days on vinyl has now become hard to find and is extremely sort after by older collectors.

In the 1990's there was the Britpop revival when bands such as Oasis and Blur produced music reminiscent of the 60's and showing the influences of great bands such as The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Small Faces and The Kinks. 

Although CD's took over from the vinyl record, limited numbers of vinyl records were produced and are now hard to find and have become highly collectable.  In recent times vinyl records have been produced deliberately by top artists past and present in limited quantities and sometimes in coloured vinyl and are immediately collectors items. 

Michael Jackson started as a Motown artist and became a major pop recording artist, crossing over into a widely appreciated market.  His records are extremely popular and early LP's are very collectable.  The Beatles are evergreen and appreciated by young and old and are constantly re-invented to new audiences.  Anything by the The Beatles is collectable, but condition is vitally important as good quality vinyl is becoming hard to find.  The condition of the cover with LP's is particularly important and some sleeves were designed by top designers or artists and are part of the collecting experience.