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Midnight Movie by indie rock band, Plastic Wizzard is out now. The album 'City of Diversity' is available as a digital download via itunes, cdbaby, spotify and amazon


Clive's Poetry - Poetry website for the poet Clive Atkins

The Record Poem - by Clive Atkins

Sailing, homeward bound
Without you, tears of a clown
Living for the city, I can't make it alone
Welcome to the pleasure dome
I'm a believer
I'm coming home
Saturday night fever, December 1964 (oh what a night)
Just dancing in the street
Sugar sugar, tiger feet
That's entertainment, twist and shout
Up on the roof
Let it all hang out

I can see clearly now
Tubular bells, start
Raining in my heart
The tracks of my tears
The air that i breathe
Because i need you, China girl
Isn't she lovely
Walk in the night
Waterloo Sunset, as time goes by
Without you, all by myself
Love is blue, Peggy Sue
Alone again (naturally)

Poem used with kind permission.  Copyright Clive Atkins.

Every world from this poem is made from a song title.  Can you identify the song and the artist that recorded it? Answers can be found in the poetry book The Sighting by Clive Atkins.

Poetry Book The Sighting By Clive Atkins

The Sighting is the latest book of poetry by author Clive Atkins.  This collection has something for everyone.  It tackles everyday situations which we all experience and can relate to. He explores relationships, love and lost love, growing up, social injustices, environmental issues and the humorous side of life.

Clive's musical influences can be seen in his Writers' Forum prize winning poem The Rap and in the The Record Poem which consists entirely of song titles (see if you can identify the song title and the artist).  The diversity of subject matter can be experienced in the humorous poem My First Car and Duckworth Lewis Strikes Again juxtaposed with the haunting composition The Sighting and Living on the Edge which explores the results of the young drug taker.

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