With many days spent building and cultivating a stellar record collection you might be wondering what the best way is to display them.  Instead of keeping your record collection boxed up and put away, it can be fun to display your favourite ones so that people can see them.  After all, what’s the point in collecting them if you’re just going put them away never to be seen again for many years.  You should take pride in playing and displaying your vinyl.  You can safely play and listen to your vinyl records without issue, providing that you take care and look after them.  Better this, than keeping them tucked away in a dusty old box somewhere.

There are some great looking album covers that have great artwork and designs on them.  They look superb on display and can be used as décor within your home.  People will say ‘I remember that record’, or will reminisce over hearing it in the past and marvel at the stunning artwork.  The records that you choose to display will alert friends and family to the type of music that you listen to and are proud of.

There are various ways in which your precious record collection can be displayed safely, whilst still protecting them.  Remember, that it’s best not to just throw them up onto a shelf or stick them directly to the wall.  It is obvious that they will become easily damaged if you go about it that way.

Record Frames

Using record frames can be a great way to show off your vinyl records.  It’s always advantageous to invest in high quality record frames that come with a UV resistant acrylic window in them.  In this way your records and their sleeves will be protected within the frame from fading and light elements.  The record frame is a very popular option for display purposes and looks the best.  Modern record frames now fold out and click back into position so that you can easily take the record in and out of the frame or swap it for different one.  This makes them very simple to use.  You can purchase them online and from most D.I.Y. or furniture shops.  I find record frames a great way to show off my autographed album covers.

Displaying vinyl records in frames

If you have concerns about the vinyl becoming damaged or warped, take it out of the sleeve prior to framing it.  However, providing the frame has the UV resistant acrylic window in it, the vinyl should be just as safe as if it were stored away in a box somewhere.  The record frame is the preferred and most popular method of displaying vinyl records.

Vinyl record displayed on a ledge

Another method of displaying vinyl is that of picture ledges.  These are often seen in record stores.  The main advantage of these ledges is that you can easily put up and take down different records at your leisure.  Clearly, a disadvantage is that your records are subject to elements such as light and dust.  It’s best to make sure that your vinyl is put in a protective PVC sleeve before putting it up onto the ledge.  This will at least give it some form of protection.  Picture ledges are great for showing or displaying the records for a short or less permanent period of time.  Record stores use these ledges because they have numerous different records coming in and out of the shop all the time on a constant basis.  They will have a different set of records displayed on the ledges every day.  Their records are swapped over regularly and are less exposed to the elements because of this.  Vinyl records should never been stored in direct sunlight.

A record storage rack can be an alternate way of displaying vinyl.  The rack can be found very commonly and can fit in well with the décor of a house.  Racks can be found in many different and sometimes quirky designs which add to their charm and simplicity.  When putting the records in a rack they are displayed showing the spine of the album.  This is not a route to go down if you want to see the front covers of the albums.  Record racks are a cost effective way to show records.  This is particularly true if you have a small collection.  The metal or wooden record racks have been used by music lovers for decades, as far back as I can remember.

Vinyl Record Crate

Many create diggers like to use a wooden vinyl storage crate to hold their collection.  You see people flicking through records in these all the time.  Record storage crates are built very solidly and show the record covers front facing.  This is great if you have a lot of records as you can look through them easily.  Many of these storage crates come on castors so that they can be wheeled across the carpet.  Remember, that it’s important to put your records into protective PVC sleeves before placing them into the crate.  This gives them ample protection from damage and wear.

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