- Tips For Starting A Vinyl Collection

The love of vinyl records in very much in resurgence at the moment and progressively on the up.  Vinyl sales are growing enormously at increasingly high levels.  It’s a great opportunity for music lovers to build a record collection or vinyl collectors to expand their existing archive.  It’s never too late to get into music or record collecting.  Music lovers both young and old are currently embracing the trend.

With a great sound system and appropriate setup you can enjoy listening to music on vinyl.  Vinyl records have a lovely rich sound quality that is widely appreciated by casual listeners, collectors and audiophiles alike.  The vinyl record plays with a range of sounds that can be heard clearly and distinctly, thus giving a full listening experience.  This depth of sound gives it the edge over other music formats such a CD, MP3 or Cassette.  Some older records may have the odd click, pop or crackle during playback which enables you to reminisce of past times.  You may even remember, on occasion, when and where you brought a record.  This can bring back some great memories.

It’s great to listen to vinyl records whilst sat at home in the comfort of your living room.  Records have an A and a B-side!  Digital formats such as MP3 or CD do not.  It can be extremely great fun turning the records over and changing them regularly for another disc that you have not head for a long time.  Whilst listening, you also have the chance to sit back and read the liner notes, insert or have a browse of cover artwork.  Some records even come with a poster.  The playing of records is also a physical experience.  You are much more involved in the whole process.  It’s enjoyable sifting through boxes of records and putting the needle down onto the vinyl or flipping a record over to hear its B-side.  Sometimes with the flipside song being better or more memorable than the A-side!

LPs are large and play at 33rpm.  These are known as albums.  LPs can also come as double or triple albums such as ‘Sandinista!’ by The Clash.  7” singles are smaller and have a song on either side.  The 7” single plays at 45rpm (revs per minute).  You can also find EPs (Extended Play) 7” singles.  These usually play at 45rpm and hold between 4 and 6 tracks.  Some of the earlier EPs were released with a picture sleeve and are very collectable to this day, especially ones from the 60s pop and beat or 50s rock ‘n’ roll eras.

Nothing beats searching for vinyl records.  It can be done physically at record shops or online at record stores such as Planet Earth Records.  Record shop staff are very professional and many have been passionate collectors for years.  They can help you based on the vast amount of knowledge they have on the subject and how best you can find records and embrace the culture.  Records can be found both new and vintage second-hand.  New records are normally sealed and unplayed.  It is important to check second-hand used records for scratches and possible defects prior to purchasing them.  The condition of second-hand records brought online will have been checked and graded by record shop staff.  This can be a benefit when buying vinyl records online using your computer, mobile or ipad.

The price of records can vary depending on a number of different factors such as the artist, rarity or desirability of a particular pressing or title.  You can get some good deals online as there is a vast selection of records available from many different stores all at the tip of your fingers just waiting to be brought.

If you are purchasing or have purchased vintage used records, you may find that some of them are dirty or have fingerprints on the surface of the vinyl.  This will undoubtedly affect the sound on playback.  You can use a record cleaning fluid and cloth to clean them, thus improving the sound and reducing any clicks or pops on playback.  Finally, records should be stored in dry, clean conditions.  They can be easily damaged by damp or humidity.  You should store them on one edge with a polythene cover to protect them.

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