Glossary of Important Vinyl Record Terms and Music Related Terminology.

Essential Vinyl Record Terminology For Collectors - Glossary

Rare Record Collecting Terminology Guide

There are many terms and words used within the vinyl collecting world.  When buying and collecting records these can be quite helpful.  Some are more familiar than others.  The language can become very confusing and puzzling at times.  We have therefore created a glossary of vinyl collecting terminology to help you.  This will be helpful for both novice and more experienced record collectors alike.  Below is a summary of essential definitions, vocabulary, abbreviations and terms used by regular collectors and audiophiles.

Vinyl Record Terminology, Vinyl Definitions, Slang and Lingo

Lacquer. An acetate is used for demonstration purposes, this is a one-off disc that is cut by hand in a mastering studio.

Adapter or Adaptor
Record adapters are used for converting records with large, jukebox, European or North American sized centre holes to standard UK sized holes.

Also known as an outer disc made of plastic that clips onto 3 Inch CDs to make them compatible with 5 Inch CD Players.

Alternate take
A recording session with more than one take or recorded version of a song.

Art Sleeve
A record or CD sleeve that has a pictorial drawing on it as opposed to a photograph.

Audiophile Pressing
A high quality pressing preferred by hi-fi aficionados.

Blister Pack
Shaped packaging for 3" CDs.

Bonus Disc
Disc given away free with another disc.

Bonus Track
Additional track that does not usually appear on standard pressing of a disc.

Box Set
Records or CDs that come in a presentation case or box.

Budget Issue
A pressing that was originally sold below the full price.

Catalogue Number
The catalogue number can be found on record labels and sleeves. It is the manufacturer's reference number.

Compact Disc. A format that stores and plays sound recordings. It also stores data.

A one-off CD that you can only record onto once. Similar to that of an acetate, but digital.

A CD that is compatible with computers. It has both audio and visual capabilities.

Compact Disc ReWritable. A blank digital cd that you can rewrite or record on multiple times.

CD Video
5 Inch CD that contains both audio and video tracks.

Coloured Vinyl
A vinyl record that comes in a colour other than the standard black vinyl release.

Company Sleeve
A standard non-picture single sleeve with the record label logo printed on it.

Digital Audio Tape. A signal recording playback medium similar to that of a cassette.

Dead Wax
The area at the end of the record playing surface between the end of the recording and label.

No longer commercially available.

Demonstration record. Not commercially available.

Die-cut Sleeve
Sleeve with a hole in the centre.

Gatefold card CD sleeve with plastic inner tray fixed in.

Record issued for the purposes of radio play only.

Double Groove
A record that has two grooves concentrically on the same side.

Digital Versatile Disc Audio

Digital Versatile Disc. A type of compact disc able to store large amounts of data in the form of high-resolution audiovisual material.

8-track Cartridge
A tape format from the 1970s that was primarily used for in-car entertainment. It has now become obsolete.

An extended play disc that has four or more tracks. EP's usually come in a picture sleeve.

Electronic press kit. These are usually in the form of a short video documentary.

Envelope Picture Sleeve
Picture sleeve that has a envelope foldover flap.

Etched Disc
A one-sided vinyl record with laser-etched graphics on the other side.

Export Issue
A vinyl record or cd that has been pressed in the UK for sale overseas.

Factory Custom Pressing
An unofficial record that has been custom pressed at an official pressing plant.

First Pressing
The very first time a record has been pressed.

These are normally given away with magazines. They are thin and flexible discs.

Flipback Sleeve
A record cover held together with card flaps that fold from the front to the back of the cover.

Foldout Sleeve
A sleeve which folds out. These normally open out to reveal a poster.

A record given away free of charge.

Gatefold Sleeve
A sleeve that opens out like a book.

A vinyl record or CD that has been pressed overseas, but sold in the UK.

The printed literature that appears in the back of CD cases.

Inner Sleeve
Protective sleeve held inside the main cover that houses and protects the record.

An item that appears as part of a record or CD's packaging such as a lyric insert, poster or postcard.

Interview Disc
A spoken word disc. These are normally promotional and sometimes contain a press conference.

More commonly known as the sleeve or cover.  The jacket is the external pocket the inner sleeve is inserted into.

Jewel Case
Standard clear plastic case that houses a CD or cassette.

Jukebox Centre
A record that has a large centre for playback in jukeboxes.

Jukebox Issue
A record that has been specifically pressed for jukebox use.

Laminated Sleeve
A high-gloss plastic sleeve used for protecting your record covers.

Lead-in Groove
The quiet area at the very beginning edge of a record.

Limited Edition
A record or cd produced in a limited run. These are sometimes numbered.

Long Box
A long rectangular card box used for CD packaging.

Long Playing Vinyl Record.

Matrix Number
This is an alphanumeric code scratched or stamped into the run-out groove area of a gramophone record. It can provide a source of useful information about the edition of a record.

Term used in the 70's for an EP.

Normally associated with dance records, this is a medley of different tracks.

Mid-Price Release
A discount priced record.

A record or CD with incorrect music or tracks.

One-channelled playback system.

Limited edition with individual number.

Paper strip wrapped around the sleeve originating in Japan. It normally has details of the record or CD and it's tracks.

One-sided Disc
A record that has playback on one side only.

Picture Disc
A disc that has a picture sealed within clear vinyl.

Picture Sleeve
The picture sleeve is used to house the vinyl record and it's inner sleeve.

Plain Sleeve
A sleeve with no artwork.

Poster Sleeve
A sleeve that folds out to reveal a poster.

Press Kit
Information pack used for the purposes of promoting a new release.

Private Pressing
A record distributed by a private individual.

A promotional record used for publicity purposes.

Push-out Centre
The connection in the centre of a vinyl single so that it can be pushed out for use in jukeboxes. Usually records have either a 3-pronged or 4-pronged centre.

Four-channelled playback system from the 1970s.

A song that was previously recorded by another artist.

Reel-To-Reel Tape
Tape format from the 1960s that was eventually replaced by the cassette.

A deleted disc that has been re-released.

A alternative version of an existing track that has been rearranged.

Removable Centre
A centre used to play records that have a large centre hole.

A later run of a record or cd that has not been deleted.

Run-out Groove
The groove at the end of the playing surface of a vinyl record.

A compilation of tracks that are used to showcase an artist or record label.

An item that has been wrapped in cellophane.  Also known as shrinkwrapped.

Shaped Disc
A record that is shaped and not circular.

Breakable material that was used for 78rpm records.

A card cover used for cds and cassettes.

Solid Centre
Records that have a solid unremovable centre.

Stickered Sleeve
A sleeve that has a sticker on it.

A Two-channelled playback system.

Super Jewel Case
The successor to the Jewel Case. A clear plastic case with a more advanced design that houses a CD.

Test Pressing
Pressed for quality control, this is a manufacturer's test record.

A triangular push-out centre used in the 1950s.

A triple fold-out sleeve.

Uncut Picture Disc
A shaped picture disc that has not been cut to the correct shape.

Also known as unreleased, this is a disc that has not been made commercially available.

The material used for making vinyl records.

A twist in the vinyl as a result of the effects of heat or damp.

White Label
A blank record label. It is usually found on promos, demos and test pressings.

A record that has been removed from sale by the manufacturer.