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Folk - Vinyl Records For Sale

The term 'Traditional Folk' has been used to describe this style of music since the 19th century.  However, in the UK this style of traditional music goes back many centuries to the balladeers and poets who literally sung the poetry.  It is basically music transmitted orally from person to person and from generation to generation and the authorship maybe lost in time. The UK and Ireland has a great wealth of traditional music, not only nationally but regionally.  Scotland, Ireland and parts of the UK have a strong Celtic tradition along with naval sea shanties.  Canada also has a strong Celtic and colonial tradition.  The USA has it's Country and Bluegrass influences.

Contemporary folk music developed in the mid 20th century and became very popular in the 1960's.  In the 30's and 40's Woody Guthrie became popular and as we reached the 60's, major artists developed and crossed over into popular music.  Major artists in the States were Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, Joan Baez and Judy Collins, while in Canada there were artists like Gordon Lightfoot, Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell.

The UK produced Donavon and Steeleye Span, who were commercially successful and the folk influence has continued up to the present day with artists like Irish bands The Pogues and Mumford and Sons.  Although traditional instruments were used such as the acoustic guitar, violin, tambourine, harmonica, flute/whistle and drum, in recent years electric guitars and violins have become popular.

Folk music is a vast genre and encompasses many countries, all with their own traditional music.  Many festivals take place each year to celebrate these rich musical traditions.  Top artists such as Bob Dylan are highly sort after and the earlier vinyl records in good condition are prized by collectors.  Bands like Steeleye Span and The Pogues have cult followings and many fans will collect any musical format by these artists.