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Dance, Disco - Vinyl Records For Sale

This is a vast subject and covers a number of genres, but probably the most influential was the 70's Disco area which was driven by a film called 'Saturday Night Fever' staring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John.  The Bee Gees who were a successful pop band turned their hand to writing disco numbers and took the world by storm.  They had several number one records in the USA and the UK by both themselves and with other artists covering their songs.  These hits remained chart bound for months and months.

The Disco craze had its own fashion with wide lapels and flared trousers for the men and college style dance suits for the women.  Brightly coloured shirts and ties were also the order of the day.  This period was followed by films such as Dirty Dancing and also by the success of Abba in the Eurovision Song Contest who went on to become worldwide stars.

Disco records, especially 12 inch vinyl, are widely sort after and still remain popular.  Dance has fragmented and developed in a number of ways into Techno, Trance, Acid, Funk and many more sub genres.  It is also produced in small quantities of vinyl for DJ's and for mixing with old versions being very collectable.  Planet Earth Records have a good selection of highly danceable vinyls and CD's available to purchase.